My Wife is My Pornstar

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Abigail MacRoleplaying this whole cuckold fantasy has been great, but I think I’m ready to make it a reality. My husband and I agree that we should invite his co-worker over, so I can seduce him. My husband’s co-worker was great in bed. I’m so glad we decided to do this!

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Kiss and Caress

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Abigail Mac stepped into her roommate Aiden Ashley‘s room to let her know she was headed to the mall. Aiden noticed that Abigail was wearing one of her shirts, and made her take it off before she left. Abigail most likely did this on purpose because she knew how horny Aiden was. Either way, dressed like she was, Abigail was looking to hook up one way or another. If her nipples were any harder, they would’ve ripped right through the shirt! Everything about the shirt screamed I want to get laid. Abigail got want she wanted as Aiden did what any of us would do, which was grab Abigail and not let go. They locked lips, and what clothes remained came off. Of course, neither one of them were wearing panties because when you live with girls that love to eat pussy there is just no reason to have them on. These two vixens got on each other like syrup and pancakes. They were hot and sticky. After this pussy munching session, Abigail probably didn’t make it to the mall if she even attempted to go in the first place.

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Here To Please

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You couldn’t expect Aspen Rae to focus on teaching Abigail Mac how to play the guitar when she’s sitting close enough to feel the flush of sexual desire pass over her in a hot wave. Mid-way through her lesson, Abigail responded to the sexual tension in the air and leaned forward to touch her skin. Once they connected, the hot lesbian sex followed naturally, and Abigail found herself motorboating Aspen’s beautiful boobs. Abigail dove down and licked Aspen’s clit, eating her pussy with fast, hard licks that left Aspen moaning with pleasure. The hot lesbian sex continued with a mutual masturbation and scissoring, until both ladies worked themselves to the dizzying height of another intense orgasm.

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Pussy Pairing

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Candence Lux had the pleasure to live with Abigail Mac for some time. While she was there, she could not contain her inner desire to sniff Abigail’s panties. She waited for her to leave and got a face full panties while she rubbed her pussy. This time she got busted right in the middle of a intimate panties session. Abigail got home earlier then expected and walked in on her roomy with a face full of panties and soaked hand. At first Abigail was upset, but soon turned this incident into a great opportunity to fulfill her own naughty fantasy. She made a move on Candence which was the best move since they moved in together. They licked and kissed each until the panties were nice and moist. They swapped the panties like they were a sweet delicacy. What could have been a strange and uncomfortable incident turned into a fantasy come true!

Roommates that LOVE to eat pussy!