Horny & Dangerous: Stolen Identity

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Horny & Dangerous: Stolen Identity

After a few months on the lam, Abigail Mac has adjusted to her new domestic life with her unsuspecting spouse. She plays the perfect homemaker until bounty hunter Damon Dice tracks her down. Determined to remain a free woman, Abigail offers to do anything to appease Damon. Plus it’s been a while since she’s had a proper fuck… But will it be enough to keep her identity secret? (Video duration: 32 min)

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BrazziBots: Part 2

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BrazziBots: Part 2

Alex Legend surprises his wife Abigail Mac with a special gift; Brazzibot Nicolette Shea! Abigail’s less than pleased he blew so much money on a robot; that is until Nicolette starts making dinner. As Nicolette cooks, Abigail relaxes and reads a magazine. Little does she know, Nicolette is keeping her husband busy with a blowjob… Later that night, Abigail thanks Alex by wearing her sexy lingerie. They fool around in bed until they realize Nicolette’s watching from the doorway. Abigail’s upset until Nicolette walks over and showcases her vibrating finger function. The couple can’t help but enjoy their new Brazzibot to the fullest and their Brazzibot loves them too… or does she? (Video duration: 38 min)

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Who Am I?

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Abigail Mac takes us on an incredible journey through the window of her soul. She opens the doors to allow us to see her perspective, to understand who she truly is. There are no words to describe her beauty, but Abigail is determined to reveal the inner depth of that beauty so everyone will never forget what she stands for.

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Pussy Wide Open

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In an underground sex world, a masquerade ball is taking place with Abigail Mac‘s body as the prized possession. Her tantalizing legs and voluptuous breasts are everyone’s desires, because she’s never been touched like this before. Witness her incredible first time sex on camera, as she handles the masked man’s cock eagerly and to perfection.

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